LED Scrolling Signs - White Colour Only

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*Proudly made in Australia
*Ultra bright and up to 75 transition animations to attract more potential customers
*Quality Programmable LED signs
*Frame size: 1050x410mm
*Display size: 960x320mm
*Single sided
*Colours to choose from: Red ONLY, White ONLY or Tri-colour (Red, Green & Yellow)

*the most effective advertising methods.
*the most impressive marketing solutions.
*unlimited information/advertise means unlimited potentials.
*In-door or semi-outdoor.
*massive range of colors to choose from: Single colours, Multi-colours or Full colours.
*convenient connection options: Cable, WiFi or smart phones.
*Friendly software means everyone is able to create attractive advertises.
*low running cost, easy maintenance.

*Different sizes are also available, we customise all LED message signs to meet your needs. Email us via info@signartgraphics.com.au for a quote
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